CFR Engineering

engineering design services for the building industry

Our services include the design of new systems for new construction projects and the modification or upgrade of existing systems for renovation projects. CFR’s plumbing and fire protection engineering services include but are not limited to:

Design of plumbing distribution systems including:

  • Standard sanitary and domestic plumbing systems
  • Medical gas systems and hazardous gas systems
  • Laboratory/Clean Room specialty plumbing systems such as acid waste systems
  • Pure water and pure steam systems
  • RO and DI systems
  • Process piping

Design of fire protection distribution systems including:

  • Standard wet sprinkler systems
  • Pre-action and gaseous fire suppression systems

Analysis services including:

  • Site surveys
  • Facility assessments
  • Load Calculations


Thorlabs | Stayton Drive Clean Room – Phase A, Jessup, MD

Thorlabs | Stayton Drive Clean Room - Phase A, Jessup, MD

In 2017, CFR closed the books on the construction administration and startup for phase A of its first semi-conductor facility. Phase A of this project involved 3,000 SF of ISO 7 clean room space for MOCVD equipment. Phase A implemented the building systems for the clean room space, as well as 28,000 SF of additional fabrication and product assembly space, mechanical rooms, hazardous storage, and waste treatment. Phase B will develop the remaining 7,000 SF of ISO 5 through ISO 8 clean rooms for the fabrication and assembly areas. The design team proudly implemented the following systems from the ground up:  chilled water with air cooled chillers, gas fired reheat water, ASTM E grade DI water, HEPA Filtration air systems, nitrogen and ultra pure nitrogen generation, acid neutralization, acid exhaust air scrubbers, hazard chemical storage, and high purity gas distribution.